We want to develop a new power system control design for maximal grid support, coordinated optimal operation between the hydropower plant and grid, cost-sharing, reduction of power losses.

SysOpt leader, Thomas Øyvang

Potential impact

The possibility of future research and innovation cooperation are at hand by moving the research front through developed technology and publishing results. The large industrial partners in the project consider the gained knowledge important for their future work force and provide important insight into future possibilities and revenue models.  The gained knowledge will make available open access to simulation models, demos, methodology and free tools, which allows any operator, academic institution, and research group to benefit from the project. This will give an academic impact through the reproducibility and utilization of the project results, and be essential in future education.

The target audiences for the project results are:

  • national and international research centres
  • the industry, and policy makers
  • hydropower/power system research groups and institutes
  • educational institutions, and
  • the general public.

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