IEEE PES General Meeting

IEEE PES General Meeting

We had the privilege of participating in the IEEE PES General Meeting held in Orlando, Florida last week. During this event, the Electrical Power Systems (EPS) and SysOpt research group made contributions by presenting three research papers and delivering an invited speech at the prestigious IEEE Task Force on Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage Hydro.

Emil Melfald, a Ph.D. student from our team, presented the paper titled “Coordinated Reactive Power Control of Hydro Generators in the Nordic Grid” in the Grid & Emerging Technologies Coordination Committee Poster Session. This paper shed light on the efficient management of reactive power in hydro generators within the Nordic grid.

Another presentation came from Dany Tome, also a Ph.D. student, who showcased the paper “Thermal Mapping of the Hydrogenerator’s Reactive Power Boosting Ability at Various Time Windows” during the Electric Machinery Poster Session. His research provided insights into enhancing the reactive power capabilities of hydrogenerators under different time frames.

Khaled Aleikish, a Ph.D. student from our EPS research group, presented the paper titled “Real-Time Identification of Electromechanical Oscillations via Deep Learning Enhanced Dynamic Mode Decomposition” in the PSOPE – Bulk Power System Operations Subcommittee Poster Session. This research explored the application of deep learning techniques to identify and mitigate electromechanical oscillations in real-time scenarios.

Moreover, we are grateful to Eduard Muljadi for inviting Thomas Øyvang to present a short talk on “Superflexible Hydropower for the Nordic Grid” under the session: IEEE Task Force on Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage Hydro. This talk provided valuable insights into the potential of superflexible hydropower solutions to meet the dynamic demands of the Nordic grid.
Our team is thankful to be able to have contributed to the advancement of knowledge in electrical power systems and to have shared our research with the esteemed IEEE community.